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Amy Burtch

Dr. Peter Ferket FAI Summit

Jan 20, 2022

FAI Summit Success

The Food Animal Initiative (FAI) Summit was a success this past September. Combining three separate conferences - the CFIA Fall Conference, the AHNC Symposium, and the PAS Symposium - created a much-needed sense of “normalcy” and provided a valuable exchange of knowledge. 

NC State FAI Fellow Jessica Parzygnat

Oct 21, 2021

FAI Fellowship: The Meeting of the Mentors

Jessica Parzygnat's Food Animal Initiative Fellowship at NC State seamlessly combines her passion for animal science and microbiology and is intended to improve food animal production in the state of North Carolina through collaborative research. 

College of Veterinary Medicine students work with pigs on the biomedical campus.

Aug 19, 2021

Food Animal Innovation Summit: Coming Soon

This year, NC State's Food Animal Innovation Summit on Sept 21 to 23 includes the CFIA Fall Conference, the Animal Health and Nutrition Consortium Symposium, and the Precision Animal Systems Symposium, resulting in three unique conferences, with a multi-species feel. 

Sheep on display at fair

Jun 8, 2021

FAI In Action: A Unique Fellowship

A tangible outcome of NC State's Food Animal Initiative, the FAI Fellowship is co-advised by two professors. FAI Fellow Catherine Gensler is focusing on effectively manage risk for agritourism visitors to permit high-value experience and the greatest interaction with the animals. 

NC State Cows

May 5, 2021

Collaboration is Key for Food Animal Initiative

NC State's Food Animal Initiative's tri-chair leadership is driving this interdisciplinary initiative, with the goal of establishing North Carolina as a world leader in the food-animal biosciences, to help solve global problems. 

NC State FAI Turkeys

Feb 18, 2021

Food Animal Initiative: Vision + Process

Driven by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine, NC State's Food Animal Initiative focuses on advancing the research and educational priorities of the food animal industry.